At Blume Space consumers and stakeholders engage in authentic and open dialogues through the versatility of virtual, hybrid and physical events that are customized  and designed for fun and purposeful interaction. We curate virtual concerts, performances and inspiring panel talks on compelling topics that incorporate the needs and desires of our clients and promote digital wellness.
Your local web3 fam - for artists, scientists and performers.  W3b Lab Berlin is part of an IRL decentralized community of

web3 builders, creators and

entrepreneurs in Amsterdam, Lisbon and Madrid

This year La Byle was reborn in the metaverse. 

The sound of La Byle  [ˈLa:baɪ̯liː] is a feverish percussive driven social statement. The umbanda rhythms cut up into electronic dancefloor disorientation stays true to its ritual practice.

La Byle’s spice confidently breaks through borders with a fun, humorous, and provocative vantage point.

XaçaXaça is the hottest tropical rave party series celebrating the diverse rhythms of today’s Latin, Afro, Caribbean electronic music. With blazing DJ sets (pumping sounds like Kuduro, Soca and Baile Rave), special guest performances and pop-up surprises from our colorful, queer local/ international community, XaçaXaça’s steamy playground of hard stomping, fast whining, booty-shaking vibes will leave you sweating for more.